Following the highly successful trial ‘Recycle Your Vinyl Flooring’, Nutland Carpets have joined manufacturers in launching a new vinyl flooring take-back scheme: Recofloor.

Waste vinyl flooring collected under the scheme will be recycled and diverted from landfill. Axion Consulting has been appointed UK agent for the new scheme.

How it works:

Clients telephone to register interest with Recofloor.
Recofloor dispatch bulk bags to clients.
Clients fill up bulk bags with waste vinyl (approx 250 kg per bag), and place on pallets.
When pallets are full, client telephones Recofloor to book a collection.
At this point, credit card payment is taken over the phone to pay for collection from individual contractors.
Current charges are £5 per bulk bag, minimum of 2 bags.
Charges apply for individual collections from contractors’ or construction sites.
Replacement bags are dispatched to clients automatically on collection request.

Alternatively, clients can drop off vinyl flooring waste at one of 20 sites across the UK. Local charges will apply.

For details, telephone +44 161 355 7618 and ask for Recofloor. email:

Why take part?

Increasingly customers are keen to see their flooring recycled at the end of life.
This scheme complies with Site Waste Management legislation (requiring all waste to be pre-treated before going to landfill).
It feels good to be doing your bit for the environment.
You will receive a certificate of commitment providing you with 'green credentials' to impress your customers and help gain new contracts.

Collection containers

Material will be collected in bulk bags clearly printed with the Recofloor logo and the type of material to be placed in the bag. It is essential that uplifted flooring, safety flooring off cuts and smooth vinyl off cuts are collected in separate bulk bags. Clear plastic sacks can be provided on request. These are useful for transporting material to drop-off sites and for filling up with off-cuts while laying flooring. They can be placed in the bulk bags ready for collection.

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