Company History

The background to Nutland Carpet Accessories as it is today...

The story begins in 1966...Hubert Nutland was known as Nutty to his customers whilst working as a commercial traveller for a company called Jiffytex Products. He sold carpet fitting accessories to carpet shops and carpet fitters. In 1966 he sold the family home and invested the money in 'Carpet Accessories'.
At this time he was still travelling each day with a car brim filled with products.
In 1969 Nutty was joined by his son-in-law Robert Cracknell (Bob) and
Mrs Nutland was enlisted to 'do the accounts'!

In due course the number of products and manufacturers stocked increased. Bostick, formally Shell, and Altro Floors were among the first to support him. The company moved from its humble beginnings to purpose built warehouses in Chandlers Ford. By 1973 the company had become 'Limited' and son, Jim, joined the growing team.

By 1977 we moved again to larger premises. In 1982, the year that Nutty passed away, we opened a branch at Poole in Dorset. Since that time we have continued to enlarge our stocks. We have the third generation running Nutlands now, with James and Ben Smith, Nutty's grandsons, as directors.

We are always looking for good quality flooring products to enhance the ranges offered,
including our own range of own brand carpets and barrier matting.

Good service has always been important to the company. We will always try to answer your technical questions.
If not immediately we will find out answers and come back to you.

Efficient delivery and exceptional customer service is very important to us!

Normal stock items are usually delivered within 48 hours, often sooner. We will always try to inform you of any problems with your order. We feel that the same rules that applied over 30 years ago still apply today.

We are proud of our history and look forward to keeping the same work ethic for the future.